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Sunday, 20 January 2013

A New Written Constitution With A Home For All

Was speaking to a friend on the phone who was clearly upset. As from April this year she is being expected to pay £10 a week from her social welfare towards the cost of her council house rent because she has an unoccupied spare room. Yet when allocated the house she was given a two-bedroom house despite being a single person. Because of a surplus of family houses in Dundee the council were allocating them to single people which was supposed to be suitable housing. However now the cruel and heartless English Tory government have brought in legislation which means poor council tenants are being asked to stump up to £10 a week per extra room that does not have a child or lodger. Yes Westminster and it's war on the poor strikes again.
Last week saw First Minister Alex Salmond announce a new written constitution for a New Scotland. One where everyone is guaranteed a home where we can abolish evictions due to poor income, and avoided because poor people are expected to contribute a proportion of their welfare to meet new Tory housing costs. The Scottish Government is seriously addressing the problem of homelessness in Scotland.
And how do we avoid homelessness, or attacks on the poor and needless bureaucracy?
By voting YES to Independence in 2014. Here the solution lies in Scotland where we can build a better more caring, sharing society in our nation and ditch the greed of Westminster where MPs vote to give themselves substantial salary increases and waste expenses awarded to them. Enough is Enough! Time for Scottish Independence in fact as supported by this blog Time for a New Scottish Republic.
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